Desmond Brown


A green home is a wonderful thing for a variety of reasons, especially for the environment. Whether you are buying or selling, The Desmond Brown Team can help you make smart decisions. Jennifer Scaife is a Certified Green Agent, designated through the National Association of Green Agents and Brokers. As the team’s green specialist, she can answer all your green questions and guide you in the right direction.

While the vast majority of green talk is about energy efficiency, there is much more involved. As a home owner, you may have questions about the wisest renovations, the best materials to use, where to start, carbon footprint, and so much more. As a buyer, you may have questions about the intrinsic value of green features being marketed in a home.

Insulation is good. But do you know there are good and not-so-good types of insulation? Even with spray foam insulation, there is an important rating scale. Call us today. We can explain environmentally efficient features and what they mean to market value in a home. The information we provide will assist you to make the wisest choice for your particular circumstance.


Rohan Walters

I chose Jennifer Scaife as my agent because she is honest, experienced, smart and warm. Further, I felt her knowledge of environmentally nuanced design, also known as 'Green Design', would greatly boost the likelihood of finding the right buyer for my very unique property in Toronto.