Desmond Brown

Open to Negotiation: How the Toronto market has changed this spring

06 July 2017
Desmond Brown

About six weeks ago I encountered something I hadn't experienced while trading real estate for some time. It was for a bungalow in the Cliffside Village area of Scarborough. We went in with an offer significantly under the asking price, and with a condition on a home inspection. I was expecting the Sellers to either sign back the offer closer to the asking price, and/or to remove the condition. I was completely surprised when

The Changing GTA Real Estate Market

02 June 2017
Desmond Brown

I was presenting an offer last week on one of my listings. The offer came in from an agent representing the buyer and it contained a clause I haven't seen in the Toronto real estate market for many years - a condition on the sale of the buyer's property...

The real estate market was cooling BEFORE new government regulations

25 April 2017
Desmond Brown

Our provincial government rolled out 16 new measures last week in an attempt to slow down our sizzling real estate market. However, most of us who are selling in the Toronto market had already seen signs of a slight slowdown during this month of April. This is what I've observed:

What's driving this market?

06 April 2017
Desmond Brown

I listed a detached backsplit home in the Yonge and Sheppard Avenue area not so long ago. It was built in the 1950s and had been in the same family for more than 60 years. We received 16 offers for the home and went through presentation process at my office in the Beaches. Midway through the presentations, one of the agents who had already shown us his offer asked to speak to me. "Mr. Brown, can you please let me know if you are going to accept my client's offer? He is here with me now but has to get on a plane back to China within the next two hours." I told him his offer was lower than several we had already received and sent him away...

Toronto Ranked One of the Top Cities in the World

17 March 2017
Desmond Brown

Last week we covered some great posts on our social media feeds about why Toronto is such an amazing place to live and we’re rounding up all these articles for you here to check out:


08 March 2017
Desmond Brown

The semi detached two storey home in the Woodbine and Danforth area was nothing special, but as they say in our business, "it showed well." It had two bedrooms, a finished basement, no parking, and it faced the railway tracks, a main line for GO and VIA trains. The asking price was set at $599,000 to attract multiple bids...

A Bungalow Story

03 January 2017
Desmond Brown

I recently sold a bungalow in the Coxwell and Mortimer Avenues area, close to the hospital. It was in the same family for 75 years and the last occupant, an elderly gentleman, had recently passed away.

Market Snapshots December

31 December 2016
Desmond Brown

City of Toronto - End of Year Review & December 2015 compared to December 2016. Midtown - December 2015 compared to December 2016.

New Land Transfer Tax Rebate: Thanks for nothing!

24 November 2016
Desmond Brown

There was much hoopla in the media a couple of weeks ago when the provincial government announced it was increasing the rebate on land transfer tax for first time buyers.