Desmond Brown

TENANTS: Know Your Rights 🏙⚖️

15 January 2019
Desmond Brown

With the rental vacancy so low in Toronto, it's very difficult for people to find rental housing. Rent controls and provincial legislation have often put landlords at a disadvantage. However, regardless of the disadvantages, I'm seeing many landlords and their agents breaching the Residential Tenancies Act. Here are some demands I've seen by landlords which are NOT allowed...


16 July 2018
Desmond Brown

I recently had a home listed for lease in Scarborough. The other agent brought in an offer for a price that was acceptable to my landlord, but it was conditional on us doing our due diligence on the prospective tenant... When I called the employer for this particular applicant, the line was not in service...

Happy 2018

04 January 2018
Desmond Brown

It's been nine years since I left journalism and returned to selling real estate.

Toronto Ranked One of the Top Cities in the World

17 March 2017
Desmond Brown

Last week we covered some great posts on our social media feeds about why Toronto is such an amazing place to live and we’re rounding up all these articles for you here to check out: