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06 March 2019
Desmond Brown

Re-introducing the ever-growing Desmond Brown Real Estate Team!

TENANTS: Know Your Rights 🏙⚖️

15 January 2019
Desmond Brown

With the rental vacancy so low in Toronto, it's very difficult for people to find rental housing. Rent controls and provincial legislation have often put landlords at a disadvantage. However, regardless of the disadvantages, I'm seeing many landlords and their agents breaching the Residential Tenancies Act. Here are some demands I've seen by landlords which are NOT allowed...

The real estate market was cooling BEFORE new government regulations

25 April 2017
Desmond Brown

Our provincial government rolled out 16 new measures last week in an attempt to slow down our sizzling real estate market. However, most of us who are selling in the Toronto market had already seen signs of a slight slowdown during this month of April. This is what I've observed:

A Bungalow Story

03 January 2017
Desmond Brown

I recently sold a bungalow in the Coxwell and Mortimer Avenues area, close to the hospital. It was in the same family for 75 years and the last occupant, an elderly gentleman, had recently passed away.

Market Snapshots December

31 December 2016
Desmond Brown

City of Toronto - End of Year Review & December 2015 compared to December 2016. Midtown - December 2015 compared to December 2016.