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Real Estate Agents Deemed Essential Service - We Don't Agree

27 March 2020
Desmond Brown

We hope you all are doing well, staying safe and healthy, and getting creative as you continue to practice social distancing.  Some days it feels hard to keep up with the latest developments and the last couple have certainly been challenging.

The provincial government has deemed real estate agents an essential service. However many of us, including the entire Desmond Brown Team,DO NOTconsider real estate agents to be an essential service. We’re not first responders, medical professionals,food suppliers, or those who preserve the safety of our communities. We sell houses!

There are currently some essential elements in real estate that needto be addressed at this time, and we believe this is why the provincial government gave us this standing. The two most urgent areas are for:

➡️ People who have already bought another home and must sell their current home to complete that transaction

➡️ Those who have bought and sold and need the land registry office to complete the transactions.

This does not mean we will conduct business as usual. Essentially, it means we are able to:

➡️ Continue to support our clients who have bought or sold but not yet closed

➡️ Support clients who have already bought or sold and need to sell or buy (respectively)

➡️ Support clients who for some reasonmustbuy or sell right now. 


It also means:

➡️ Your lawyers and mortgage agents can continue to work to complete your transactions

➡️ The registry office,  which is on-line, will remain open, for the foreseeable future, at any rate, to transfer the title on closing. If the government decides to close the actual registry office,lawyers have systems in place to make suretransactions are completed.

We have creative and innovative processes in place if, in fact, you do have to sell. We have adapted to the new reality with the following to cut down dramatically on the number of people entering your home:

➡️ Virtual tours, as we’ve always done.

➡️ Virtual showings, with us walking through the home and highlighting features that might not be obvious on the virtual tour.

➡️ Buyer Agent pre-viewing to determine the suitability of the property for their client.

➡️ Buyer inspections, in which the buyer views the property with their agent. 

We also have a complete safety protocol for showings designed to keep you, your loved ones, buyers’ agents, and buyers all safe and healthy. This includes:

➡️ Screening of both agent and their client(s), 

➡️ Measures within the home to minimize touches/contacts (lights on, doors open, etc)

No doubt, more questions will arise as we make our way through this new way of doing business. Our goal is to keep you healthy and safe while meeting your real estate needs. Please don’t hesitate to call if you have any questions at all. 

For the full list of the services deemed essential by the provincial government,head here.


Des, on behalf of Jenn, Chanel, Daniela, and the entire Desmond Brown Team