Desmond Brown

The Challenges When Downsizing

10 June 2019
Desmond Brown

We've recently represented two sellers who, after decades in their homes, were downsizing and moving to smaller places. For people to finally make this decision, it sometimes takes years, and many people at this stage in their lives often have the same concerns: the emotional part of leaving a home that has so many special memories; making a decision on where to move to; and deciding what they'll do with all of the stuff they've accumulated through the years and won't need in their next home.

This is where we come in. My team and I have extensive experience in dealing with these situations. Led by myself and Jennifer Scaife, my team's accredited Senior's Specialist, we take all the worry out of this sometimes stressful process.  Our results have been fantastic and this is what one of our sellers recently said: 

"After living in my house for 40 years, I was nervous about selling it.  But I need not have worried, because Desmond Brown and his team worked tirelessly to make the selling process as easy as possible. The house was marketed to a wide audience and sold above list price in just over one week. I cannot recommend Desmond Brown and his team highly enough." - Beth Harris

And just how did we make this process as easy as possible? Along with our experience and patience, we have a roster of caring professionals. Our contacts include experts who will pack cherished belongings and also help make the difficult decisions about other items that may not make the move. We also have contacts at auction houses to help sell items along with a list of places that take donations of furniture, housewares, and clothing. If the home needs repairs before it is launched on the market for sale, we have tradespeople and contractors available on short notice for all needed tasks.

Making the decision to sell a home isn't easy, especially for those who have been in their homes for many years. We're here to help and we'll make sure you or your loved ones are well looked after.