Desmond Brown

It's Not Always About Money đź’µ

09 May 2019
Desmond Brown

I recently had a listing in Cabbagetown, a beautiful Victorian row house built in 1868, that attracted six offers on our offer review date. My client, who had owned the home for the past 40 years, was delighted there was so much interest, but understandably nervous because she had never gone through this process before.

All six offers were over our asking price. Unbelievably, the three top offers were identical in price. In my more than 20 years of selling real estate, and through the many multiple offer situations I've been in while representing sellers, I had never seen this happen.

Before the offers were submitted, I sent an email to all agents who had interested clients and told them to bring their best offer because they may only get one chance. The  common practice when offers are the same or a few thousand dollars apart, is to send back the top contenders and ask them to improve the price. However, my client didn't want to send them back. She didn't think it was fair to ask the people who had bid on her home for more money. 

So how was my seller going to make her decision with three identical offer prices? Well, it didn't take her long. One of these top offers was accompanied by a heartfelt letter to my client, outlining how the buyers felt when they first walked into the home and what it would mean for them to live in and own her lovely home. Without getting into any more details, this letter genuinely touched my client, her close friend who was there for emotional support, my two team members Daniela and Lee-Ann who were helping with the offer process, and me. Tears filled everyone's eyes, not just because of the letter, but because after 40 years my client was taking a formal step in saying goodbye to a home she had cherished so much and had shared unforgettable memories with her beloved late husband. After we all wiped our eyes, my client said, "I have to go with my gut feeling, and I feel I'm selling my home to the right people."