Desmond Brown

When things go WRONG 🏚🤦🏾‍♂️😰

16 November 2018
Desmond Brown

My clients were relocating out of the province and wanted to take advantage of Toronto's Spring Market. They prepared their home in the usual manner - decluttered, fixed the odds and ends, painted, staged it, and launched it on the market near the end of April. Ten days later The Windstorm (yes, that one... it deserves the capital letters) swept through Toronto. I got a frantic call from my seller; a large branch from the tree on their front lawn had crashed through their roof. 

The damage was extensive as the large branch had pierced through the ceiling and into their master bedroom and bathroom. For my seller, it was a horrific experience - she was inside the home at the time with her two-year-old daughter. The shock of that large branch hitting her home was something she will never forget! Thank goodness no one was injured; however, all of a sudden, their plans to move were in jeopardy.

The insurance company my clients used moved fairly quickly and approved all repairs within a week, but it took two months for us to get the house back on the market. It's now early July and we've missed the Spring Market. Based on the lack of available homes in their neighbourhood, we decided to list the home at the same price as we had it in the Spring. As mentioned, during the last listing, the tree crashed through the roof after just ten days on the market. This time, it took just three days for the house to sell!  Everything worked out, with the exception of an inconvenient delay. The home closed in September and my clients have moved out west as planned.

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