Desmond Brown

Accessing Sold Prices (...for real this time)!

05 October 2018
Desmond Brown

Sold information is now available! (For real this time!)  As mentioned in my last correspondence, the Supreme Court of Canada has refused to hear the Toronto Real Estate Board's (TREB) appeal, leading to the information now being available.

For me and other realtors to release the sold information, we've had to jump through many hoops in order to follow TREB's silly rules. This means we can only release the data through what is called a Virtual Office Website (VOW) which I just happen to have. Yay!  (Or just call me and I'll tell you the sold price...shhh, don't tell TREB).

Anyway, just follow the steps below and you'll have access to all the sold information you'll ever want. Keep in mind, I didn't make up these onerous steps, my prehistoric real estate board did

1.    Visit

2.    Scroll down to Access Sold and Active Listings Here

3.    Click "Clicking Here" on the next line that reads: View all listings by clicking here or sign in if you already have an account.

4.    Fill out fields with the required information. Confirm your account by following the link sent to your e-mail. Your password will be the last four digits of the phone number you provide.

5.    Now enter your username and password

6.    Scroll down on our homepage to find the map

7.    Provide the parameters of your search (i.e. neighbourhood, # of bedrooms, etc.)

8.    Click the drop-down menu on the top left-hand corner of the map under the Address tab and a bar with drop-down menus will appear.

9.    Select "Sold Listings" from the drop-down menu

10. Click "GO!"

11. Select a property, and click "View Listing" at the bottom right of the photos

12. Voila!! Now you'll  See Sold Price, % of List Price, as well as the Sold Date in the first three red boxes at the top of the listing!

As usual, if you need any additional real estate information, or just want to chat, please get in touch.