Desmond Brown

We LOVE first time buyers!

12 March 2018
Desmond Brown

Here's a story, written by my team member Jennifer Scaife, about a couple who recently entered the Toronto real estate market.

Recently, Kassia and Cory were referred to me by a past client. Lively and energetic, they were eager to get going on their quest. We saw properties that challenged their tolerance for ‘fixer-upper’ and others whose state of ill-repair were jaw-dropping! We soldiered on, intent on finding the perfect home in the perfect neighbourhood that was within their first-timers’ budget.

After seven weeks of searching in a lively market and through a  variety of neighbourhoods, we found a home that, incredibly, looked perfect in regard to price, style, location, and timeline. The home had been on the market for 25 days and had two price reductions before it finally fell within Kassia’s and Cory’s search criteria. We viewed it quickly, wrote an offer, negotiated, and finally got an accepted deal!

Within days of negotiating the firm offer on their new home, Kassia and Cory were speaking with friends who were also house-hunting in the same price range, in the same neighbourhoods, and for a similar style of home. These friends had also seen this same listing while browsing online and suggested it to their agent. Unfortunately for them, their agent told them not to bother as she believed it would sell for more than the new reduced listing price and in multiple offers. Of course, it didn’t. In other words, if Kassia and Cory's friends were interested in moving forward on this house, their agent would have advised them to pay more than asking, while my clients paid under asking.

Today, Kassia and Cory are settled into their home, personalizing it project by project, and joyful in their find. Everything, from price and location, to neighbours and neighbourhood, make this their perfect first home.

There are many aspects of house-hunting.  Some are more obvious, like starting with a mortgage pre-approval and identifying your needs early on. Some are more subtle, like choosing an agent with the complex knowledge of the structure and mechanics of a home, as well as having strong relationships with fellow Realtors to facilitate and negotiate transactions.

I love working with first-time buyers. They are keen to realize their dreams of homeownership. Working with first-timers also brings out the teacher in me - my career before I jumped into real estate eleven years ago - as I guide my clients through more than they knew there was to learn.

If you know someone who is embarking on this really important mission in life, I would be delighted to guide them through the entire process. I can also refer them to many professionals and tradespeople as they settle in and turn their house into their dream home.

As always, we're here to help you, your family, or your friends with anything real estate related. Feel free to get in touch anytime.